Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Windows Embedded Standard 2009

The next generation of Windows XP Embedded Operating Systems from Microsoft is Windows Embedded Standard 2009. This operating system will be targeting developers that do not wish to spend time on the operating system development but rather concentrate on their specific software application. The operating system will be distributed as an install (like XP Pro) where options can be selected or deselected depending on the application needs.

The standard features will include:

- Support for Windows Server 2008
- Remote Desktop Protocol
- Security & Management
- Wi-Fi Protected Access 2
- Microsoft Silverlight
- Windows Internet Explorer 7
- Windows Media Player 11
- Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5

The targeted markets will be:

Advanced Set-top Boxes
Fuel Pumps
Full Featured Point of Service
Gaming Devices
Home Automation Gateways
Industrial Controls
Intelligent Appliances
Multimedia Internet Devices
Media Servers
Mobile Point of Service
Monitoring Devices
Multi-Function Printers
Networked Media Devices and Servers
Windows-based Terminals


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