Thursday, May 31, 2007

Windows CE > Intel IXP-422 BSP

The Intel IXP-422 is an embedded RISC based processor tailored for Networking applications. Specification on this processor can be downloaded from the following link:

The Board Support Package (BSP) can be found on the Third Party Solutions for Windows CE 5.0 CD under board support packages.

If you are currently working with this processor or plan to in the near future, I encourage you to install this and begin getting familiar with the environment.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Windows CE > How to use Debug under Microsoft Visual Studio 2005

With Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 released for use for development and Windows CE 6.0, many I have gone ahead and come up with a simple step by step process for using the debugging features.

Steps for process:

(1) Copy "commanclient2" and "cmaccept" to the target machine running Windows CE

(2) You will then need to make sure you get a hold of Visual Studio 2005 Professional version (will not work on standard version)

(3) Start Visual Studio and navigate to "tools> options".

(4) Further navigate to "device tools > devices" highlight the "Windows CE 5.0 Devices" tab and select "properties".

(5) Under these properties, select "TCP Connect Transport" for Transport.

(6) Select "Configure" and add the IP address of the remote CE machine.

(7) At this point, you should be able to add breakpoints on your program to analyze a specific segment of choice.

(8) Simply right click the line that will have a breakpoint included and "Insert Breakpoint"

(9) Use multiple breakpoints to step over from breakpoint to breakpoint depending on the area that you would like to monitor.

(10) Start both .exe files in step "1" on the remote CE machine by double clicking them (not in command prompt).

(11) Hit "start debugging" from Debug drop down menu.

(12) Choose Windows CE 5.0 Device > Deploy.

(13) At this point the program should be observed to be running on the CE machine up until the point where the breakpoint was inserted.

(14) Debug > Windows > Auto can be used to show the current variable values to compare to expected values.

(15) Debug has a "time out" period, therefore if no activity is observed by the machine, debug will time out and will need to be re-started.